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Meeting OSHA's employee safety training requirements by assuring that your employees are "effectively trained" to the level that they are "living the regulatory standards" in the performance of their jobs, is a daunting challenge. Twenty two plus years of experience in the writing and implementing of OSHA compliant safety programs for general industry makes Assured Compliance Solutions, Inc. well qualified to assist your company in attaining 100% OSHA safety training compliance.

Training Included in our turnkey Total OSHA Compliance Package are the written programs, training materials, and training instruction classes for Injury and Illness Prevention (also called Accident Prevention or Workplace Safety), Hazard Communications, Personal Protective Equipment, Lockout/Tagout, and Fire Prevention/Emergency Evacuation. Some companies also need motorized lift truck training for forklift, straddle lift, and/or motorized pallet jack operators. And on occasion companies need respiratory protection training for employees who must work in a contaminated atmosphere.

Speaker Qualifications

John Holland, President and founder of Assured Compliance Solutions, Inc. is a Certified OSHA Trainer by the OSHA Training Institute at the University of California in San Diego, California. He has conducted thousands of mock OSHA/EPA facility audits for U.S. based general industry companies, over the last twenty two plus years. He has also conducted hundreds of OSHA required safety training classes in the areas of Injury and Illness Prevention, Hazard Communications, Motorized Lift Truck, Lockout/Tagout, Personal Protective Equipment, Fire Prevention and Emergency Evacuation, and Respiratory Protection. Additionally he has successfully defended clients from OSHA fine citations in many different states.

OSHA Seminars

Trade associations and companies who have multiple locations (often spread over many states) have benefited from having Assured Compliance Solutions conduct for them a Compliance Update Seminar. OSHA/EPA update seminars can take the form of a 45 minute talk that is part of a luncheon or dinner meeting, or they can be in-depth 1/2 day seminars that feature detailed information exchange and comprehensive compliance strategies that can be successfully implemented by attendee companies.

Not only do seminar attendees receive excellent information, they also receive the added benefits of qualifying for a reduced price Mock OSHA/EPA Facility Site Audit and receiving up to 60 days of free telephone consulting!

  • OSHA/EPA Compliance Update
    Our half day Compliance Update Seminar covers key OSHA safety and EPA environmental compliance issues. Follow our speakers' advice, and your company will become a safer place to work and your company's OSHA fine citation liability will be dramatically reduced!

  • Motorized Lift Truck "Train the Trainer"
    This tough standard covers sit down and walk behind forklifts, straddle lifts, and motorized pallet jacks. Get your people certified as in-house motorized lift truck trainers, and they'll be able to train/certify the OSHA required competent lift truck operators for your company.

OSHA Programs

OSHA requires employers to provide written safety training programs that will effectively train/inform employees of the safe way to perform their jobs. Employees must be "living the requirements" of each of the below listed OSHA required workplace safety programs.

  • Hazard Communication "Employee Right to Know"
    Required by OSHA for all facilities using hazardous chemicals. Designed to inform employees of the hazards of chemicals they work with and how to take appropriate precautions.

  • Forklift Training and Certification
    Required by all states as of July 15th, 2000, operators of motorized lift trucks must be retrained and certified no less than every three years.

  • Lockout/Tagout
    LO/TO is a set of procedures that OSHA wants a company to follow so that their employees maintain and service their equipment in a safe manner.

  • Injury & Illness Prevention / Accident Prevention / Workplace Health & Safety
    Although not OSHA required in every state, this program is the cornerstone of a quality safety program and its' implementation is essential for your company to have the safest possible operation.

  • Fire Prevention
    Required for all companies with 10 or more employees, the Fire Prevention Program is your company's plan to prevent fires, your plan for evacuation, and how you will deal with fires at your company.

  • Personal Protective Equipment
    This program is an elaboration of your company's policy as it pertains to your company's OSHA required hazard assessment and the mandatory use of PPE by your employees.

  • Respiratory Protection
    This program is required for companies using respirators due to air contamination that exceeds an OSHA Permissible Exposure Limit.

  • Ergonomics
    Although not yet required in most states, a good ergonomics program will identify and reduce the job risk factors associated with potential repetitive motion injuries.

  • Hearing Conservation Program
    Required if any employee is exposed to noise levels exceeding 85 decibels for a time-weighted-average (TWA) of 8 hours or more.