Mock OSHA/EPA Facility Site Audits

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Assured Compliance Solutions consultants have conducted comprehensive mock OSHA/EPA site audits for over 1,000 different general industry companies in 26 different states. At the conclusion of our thorough audit, you will know where your company is "in compliance", where you are "out of compliance", and what you need to do to attain 100% compliance.

We look at your OSHA documentation compliance, including your OSHA Form 300 record keeping, chemical list and SDS updating, written safety programs, safety committee meetings, employee safety training, and disciplinary action implementation. We also inspect your EPA hazardous waste and air emissions documentation.

Our safety consultants will thoroughly examine your plant for OSHA/EPA safety violations. Your inspection will include but is not limited to machine guarding, electrical issues, hazardous chemical labeling, proper storage and grounding/bonding of flammable/combustible liquids, fire extinguishers, eye wash stations, pallet/lighting/ladder issues, stair and loft storage construction issues, rag usage and disposal issues, emergency lighting, exit, first aid kit issues, compressed cylinder/tanks, compressed air usage, hazardous waste capture/storage and labeling, and many other issues.

Our twenty two plus years of experience in OSHA/EPA compliance plant auditing helps our consultants understand your OSHA/EPA safety exposures and how to successfully move your company to 100% OSHA/EPA compliance.

Upon audit conclusion, we conduct an executive review with management and your safety program administrator (approximately 60-90 minutes) to carefully present our findings and recommendations. You will know what you need to implement at your facility to improve the safety of your workplace and to attain 100% OSHA/EPA compliance.