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"Our mission is to provide the needed quality advice, products, and services to assure our customers' 100% safety and environmental compliance"

ACS Background

Our company was founded in 1993 by John and Mary Holland, with our primary emphasis in providing OSHA and EPA consulting support to the commercial printing industry in Arizona. Our start-up name was Environmental Remediation Systems of the Southwest, Inc. Wanting to better reflect what we do, we changed our name years ago to Assured Compliance Solutions, Inc.

We have grown our business to include supporting all of the companies in OSHA's "general industry" classification in 26 different states.

Jeff Holland joined our staff in 1995. Jeff is our vice president of operations. His duties include the daily management of our business, including our online SDS, labeling and training support services.

We are known for our "hands-on" partnering approach in helping our clients provide the safest possible work environment for their employees. By partnering with ACS through our "Total OSHA Compliance Package", small general industry businesses receive comparable facility safety audits, written programs, advice, and training support as large corporations.


Our passion is to help small businesses in America attain 100% regulatory compliance while providing a workplace that is completely safe for their employees.

Our Values

"ACS seeks to Honor God, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit through the living out of our Company Values"

  • Highest Customer Satisfaction achieved in a professional, ethical, and moral way is Our Goal
  • Honesty is required in all our dealings with Clients, Vendors, and ACS Team Members
  • Timely Response to the needs of our Clients, Vendors, & ACS Team Members is essential
  • Cooperative Team Work is pursued with our Clients, Vendors, and ACS Team Members
  • We Respect Our Clients' & Vendors' needs, concerns, ideas, time, and bottom line
  • We display a Servant Attitude toward our Clients and ACS Team Members
  • We treat Clients and Team Members in the same manner we would like to be treated
  • We have a Positive Attitude, focusing on the good, true, and praiseworthy
  • We Honor our Team Members' time, talents, and ideas