Total OSHA Compliance Package

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Assured Compliance Solutions, Inc. (ACS) offers a Total OSHA Compliance Package that helps to assure your company's 100% compliance with all of the OSHA general industry rules and regulations for the specific state in which your company conducts business.

Phase One of assisting your company in becoming 100% OSHA compliant is having an ACS consultant perform a mock OSHA site audit at your facility. Depending on the size of your facility, this can take from four to twenty four hours to complete. We not only examine the documentation that OSHA enforcement would ask to see (including OSHA Forms 300/300A, SDSs, and written safety training programs implementation), but we also walk your plant floor looking for equipment and facility OSHA violations. Upon audit conclusion, your ACS consultant will perform an executive review with your management team and safety program administrator to review our 68 point write up on where your company is "in compliance", where you are "out of compliance", and what you need to do to attain 100% OSHA compliance.

At the conclusion of the executive review of your company's OSHA compliance status, your ACS consultant will offer you the opportunity to partner with our company in the improvement of your safety program to attain 100% OSHA compliance. Some choose to implement our compliance advice using their own internal resources. Many others partner with our company so they can receive our complete package of assured compliance services.

Those who partner to receive the Assured Compliance Solutions "Total OSHA Compliance Package" will receive the following compliance services:

  1. ACS, Inc. will produce for you the needed OSHA compliant written programs and training materials.
  2. You will receive a currently updated chemical list and set of updated SDSs.
  3. We'll represent your company, at no additional charge, to help you defend against any OSHA citations.
  4. Comprehensive ACS training class videos will provide your employees the OSHA required program specific training, validated by applicable testing.
  5. On-line, you will receive on-going SDSs updates, assuring your book remains current.
  6. Our quarterly Compliance Update Newsletter is now online to keep you abreast of important safety and environmental issues.
  7. We'll update your programs and training materials to match any future changes in the regulations (as long as you continue paying our low monthly fee).
  8. From our website, you can download accurate product specific OSHA compliant labels for your secondary containers.
  9. We'll on-site audit your facility at least annually for compliance.
  10. You will have unlimited telephone consulting, at no additional charge.