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Automated SDS Support System

Thumbnail of generated SDS All new from Assured Compliance Solutions is our Online Automated SDS Support System. This powerful online service solves one of the biggest headaches that any company's safety administrator has to solve... having readily available for their employees the most currently updated safety data sheets!

The "old way" of meeting OSHA's requirement for having readily available for all employees the latest available updated SDSs has been to maintain an updated SDS Book in a readily accessible location. And if you have a large plant or multiple buildings, then multiple books are required so that locating a specific safety data sheet will not be an inconvenience to any employee.

If you have a lot of hazardous chemical products at your plant, then one or more of your employees have been spending hundreds of man hours annually to truly keep your SDS Book/s up to date. Or, you are like many companies who one time update their SDS Book/s, and from then on their employees are ever increasingly forced to look at outdated information contained in outdated safety data sheets.

Assured Compliance Solutions, Inc. is proud to offer, through this website, an automated SDS Updating Support System that will truly keep your company in full compliance with the SDS OSHA requirements. Keeping your SDSs updated is now so easy! SDS update notification is via email, and you have the ability to download revisions online 24/7.

You are required to have readily available to all employees the most currently available updated safety data sheets for the hazardous chemical products they use or may contact in the workplace. Through your employees will have immediate access to the latest SDS updates for the products at your plant. Read More »

Hazardous Warning Label Production

Thumbnail of generated Hazardous Warning Labels Another headache for your plant safety administrator is the Hazardous Warning Label Production that is required for your hazardous chemical product secondary containers. This powerful website from Assured Compliance Solutions allows your employees to immediately print accurate OSHA compliant secondary container labels for those products they place into secondary containers, such as squeeze bottles and solvent cans. This is extremely valuable since OSHA demands that all containers be labeled, at a minimum, with the manufacturer's name, product name, and appropriate hazard warning (including applicable GHS pictograms, signal word and cautionary statements).

Our labels contain all of the above OSHA requirements (with warnings clearly readable in English). Also shown are the emergency procedures (indicated on the SDS) that you should follow if an employee gets injured by the product. Online labels from also indicate the unique number of the specific SDS, allowing your employee to quickly access the SDS in your book or online to look up more in-depth information. Read More »