Resources for OSHA Compliance

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Assured Compliance Solutions has been supporting the OSHA compliance needs of general industry in the United States since 1993. Our consultants have conducted thousands of mock OSHA/EPA facility site audits, we've fielded many hundreds of compliance questions, we have safety trained to OSHA compliance standards thousands of general industry employees, and we've successfully defended from OSHA citations a number of our Total Compliance Package Clients.

Compliance Questions and Answers

Our sixteen Compliance Questions and Answers represent some of the heartfelt compliance questions we've fielded over the years. Our answers to those questions represent what the regulations say about those questions and what our experience teaches us about the enforcement of those regulations. Read More »

Compliance Update Newsletter

All of the last 4 quarterly Compliance Update Newsletter articles are available to all of our valued clients for download. Simply log in at our home page to have access to this important information. Read More »

OSHA Compliant Training Materials

By popular demand from many of our customers, most of your OSHA Compliant Training Materials are now available on line for immediate download. No longer will it be a problem if you misplace a student training guide or written test 30 minutes before your safety training class is to begin. Simply download from this website what you need and proceed with your class. Like our newsletters, these valuable training materials masters are available to ACS clients by logging in at our home page. Read More »