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Assured Compliance Solutions has been providing comprehensive consulting services to general industry, for OSHA and EPA compliance, since April 1993. Even though we have become recognized as expert consultants to the commercial printing industry in the United States, we have also provided quality professional consulting assistance to many other industries including electronics, heating and air conditioning, home improvement, commercial sign, aerospace, etc.

Mock OSHA/EPA Site Audit

Mock OSHA/EPA Site Audit If you really want to know "how your company would fare if OSHA/EPA Enforcement were to visit your facility", then you should have ACS perform for you a Mock OSHA/EPA Site Audit of your facility. This comprehensive site audit takes anywhere from 4-24 hours for completion, and includes a written report and 90 minute executive review of where your company is "in compliance", where you are "out of compliance", and what you need to do to attain 100% compliance. Read More »

Total OSHA Compliance Package

Total OSHA Compliance Package Our Total OSHA Compliance Package is a turnkey package of compliance services that provides a compliance partnership between your company and Assured Compliance Solutions that will greatly accelerate your company's attainment of 100% OSHA/EPA compliance. Included are an annual mock OSHA/EPA facility site audit, on-going SDS updating, written safety training programs, on-site safety training classes, OSHA compliant hazardous container labeling, compliance update newsletters, and OSHA citation defense services. Read More »

OSHA Representation

OSHA Representation OSHA Representation service to defend against OSHA citations is a standard part of the Total Compliance Package from Assured Compliance Solutions, Inc., or you can purchase our OSHA citation defense services on a consulting time plus expenses basis. Since 1993, Assured Compliance Solutions, Inc. has successfully defended our "Total OSHA Compliance Package" customers from OSHA enforcement citations. In fact, our OSHA defense service has resulted in the reduction or elimination of many tens of thousands of dollars in OSHA fines. Read More »

Accident Investigation

Accident Investigation Assured Compliance Solutions is available to conduct for you a comprehensive independent accident investigation that will help you determine the various factors that combined to cause a "near miss" or accident to occur. Proper use of this information will allow management to develop an action plan that corrects the workplace conditions, workplace practices, and possibly employee training that will help prevent recurrence of that workplace "near miss" or accident. Read More »