Independent Accident Investigation

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Our company can conduct for you a comprehensive "independent accident investigation" that will help you determine the various factors that combined to cause a "near miss" or accident to occur. Proper use of this information will allow management to develop an action plan that corrects the workplace conditions, workplace practices, and possibly employee training that will help prevent recurrence of that workplace "near miss" or accident. Assured Compliance Solutions' thirty-eight (38) point accident investigation form provides the framework necessary to gather all the required vital information.

A thorough investigation of all accidents and "near misses" is essential in the implementation of a good safety program. Interviews should be conducted very quickly after an incident has occurred with all key personnel, including the injured employee, co-workers who witnessed the accident or near miss, the injured employee's supervisor, and your company's safety program administrator. Getting written statements from the accident victim and key accident witnesses can also prove to be invaluable.

A good accident investigator does not seek to assign blame, but he/she gathers all the facts associated with an accident in a non-accusatory fashion that will elicit good input from all parties who are providing information about the accident/near miss.

Timely interviews are important so that witnesses will not have much time to discuss the accident with others and maybe rethink what occurred.

When possible, interviews at the accident site usually result in the most accurate witness statements. If it is not practical to interview at the accident site, then a mutually agreeable location (where the witnesses will be comfortable) should be selected.

Photographs and diagrams of the accident scene are often as valuable as receiving accurate and complete witness statements.