Hazardous Warning Labels

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This powerful website from Assured Compliance Solutions allows your employees to immediately print accurate OSHA compliant secondary container labels for those products they place into secondary containers, such as squeeze bottles and solvent cans. This is extremely valuable since OSHA demands that all containers be labeled, at a minimum, with the manufacturer's name, product name, and appropriate hazard warning.

Sample of Hazardous Warning Labels Our labels contain all of the above OSHA requirements (with warnings clearly readable in English). Also shown are the emergency procedures (indicated on the SDS) that you should follow if an employee gets injured by the product. Online labels from complianceanswers.com also indicate the unique number of the specific SDS, allowing your employee to quickly access the SDS in your book or online to look up more in-depth information.

Labels are condensed to print six (6) labels per sheet of Avery #5164 Laser Mailing Labels (or equivalent). Actual label size is 3 1/3 inches x 4 inches.