Online Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

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Assured Compliance Solutions, Inc. is proud to offer, through this website, an automated Online Safety Data Sheets (SDS) Updating Support System that will truly keep your company in full compliance with the SDS OSHA requirements. Keeping your SDSs updated is now so easy! SDS update notification is via email, and you have the ability to download revisions online 24/7.

You are required to have readily available to all employees the most currently available updated safety data sheets for the hazardous chemical products they use or may contact in the workplace. Through your employees will have immediate access to the latest SDS updates for the products at your plant.

Thumbnail of generated Hazardous Warning Labels Most companies struggle with keeping their SDS books updated, as the old system of updating a paper copy book of SDSs is very labor intensive. Since OSHA only requires the manufacturers of hazardous chemical products to produce and periodically update the safety data sheets for their products, and they only have to send them out when requested from an end user, many hours per month are expended by conscientious companies in determining the "current" status of their hazardous product SDSs, in requesting those SDSs, following up their requests, and in replacing the outdated ones with the "current" updates. Often the updating process falls by the wayside and most companies do not in reality have a totally updated SDS book. Many companies' books are many years out of date!

The fact that OSHA also requires companies to retain old, outdated, and discontinued product SDSs for a minimum 30 year period creates another archiving problem for companies in the United States.

Here is the way our system works. Once you have signed up for this service and provided us with an accurate departmental listing of your hazardous substances, we create your OSHA required hazardous substance chemical listing. This list can be displayed alphabetical by manufacturer, product, or department name, or they can be displayed numerically, as we number every SDS. This updated chemical list, along with your actual updated product safety data sheets are then entered into our website. By signing onto our website with your company's unique password, any employee has immediate access to your chemical listing and any SDS they would like to review.

Through our company's regular contact with the hazardous chemical product manufacturers and from updates received from our customers, we keep your online inventory of SDSs updated and available for immediate download. Your safety program administrator will be email notified when new updates are available for immediate download to your current SDS books. Since power outages and internet access disruption are possibilities, you can now eliminate all but one of your plant SDS books.

We have more good news! If you forget to download the SDS updates as they come available, your electronic website version is being updated on an on-going basis. You can download your SDS updates anytime you choose.

What about the OSHA 30 year archiving requirement for old/outdated and discontinued product SDSs? We help out here too since we will be electronically archiving for you the outdated SDSs!